How to Maintain a Beachfront Home

For those of you still in the buying process, you should know a few things about oceanfront property. As you can imagine, since it’s practically hugging the water, it’s frequently exposed to salt, flooding, high winds and even storms. So construction workers build these homes to be a little tougher.

With the right materials, your future harbour home will be able to withstand the majority of elemental risks. As you search, make sure you pick a house built with:

  • Pressure-treated or decay-resistant timber (such as oak wood or cedar wood)
  • Sulfate-resistant cement.
  • Stainless steel.
  • Insulation, plastics and synthetics that can withstand salt and wind.

Although these resources aren’t immune to risks, they’ll save you trouble. Even once you buy a home made with them, you’ll spend a good amount of time cleaning and airing out your house to keep up with the high tides and winds.

  • So is it fabulous living on the beach?
  • Obviously.
  • But does it take a lot of work?
  • You can bet on it.

Your House, Your Lifestyle

Not surprisingly, even harbour homes aren’t created equal. They might all be near the ocean, but each one still has a different design, age, proximity to the beach and need for upkeep.

So as you search for a home, make sure you pick one that suits your lifestyle. For instance, if you plan to spend every day on the beach, you might as well get a home right on it, as opposed to one 20 minutes away.

Your House, Your Lifestyle

Power of a Home Inspection

Before and after buying an oceanfront home, you can always count on a home inspector to keep your property damage-free. If you suspect that your home has corrosion or water damage, do what you can to fix the problem. But every so often, expect to give your home inspector a call to check the premises. Home inspectors will let you know of any hidden damages and give you guidance on how to keep your home secure.

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